Startups vs. Companies

You’re finalizing your last mockups and getting ready to develop your portfolio. This is the tool that will help show employers your competencies and provides a great talking piece to showcase you as a developer. However, now is a great time to also stop and think about where exactly you want to work, as this will shape the way you display your portfolio pieces. There are 2 main employmers: company or startups.

Working in an Establish Company

These are the companies you may already have thought about: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, to name a few. But what you may not realize is that many non-tech related companies also host a web developer division. Working in a big company means that you have the luxury of working in a specialized field among a team of others who specialize in other aspects. This means that if a problem arises that isn’t under your area of expertise that you were hired for, you can pass of the problem

Working in a Startup

The difference about a startup compared to a bigger corporation, is that you will be responsible for more tasks. Being a startup means a lack of funds to hire people to specialize. Your responsibilities will change more frequently and you will have to solve more problems on your own. This increased workload means you will be required to have better time management, as your managers will be equally as focused on their own projects to constantly be on your case.

These are some of the differences between big companies and startups. When tailoring your portfolio, you can decide to keep it focused on a set of skills if you decide to apply for a big company. Whereas if you are interested in applying to a startup, think about showcasing all the skill set and knowledge you have.