4 Projects to Improve Your JavaScript Skills

Trying to master a new skill can be challenging. However, if you can put these skills to practical use, it makes learning a whole lot more motivating. Here are 4 projects we believe will help motivate you to keep going.

1. Animated Bookstore

Further expand your jQuery skills by creating this animated bookstore for your favorite books. This project is a great start for developers who also have an interest in design.

2. JavaScript Animations

This project is also for those who enjoy designing, as well as coding. The project will teach you to animate any CSS properties to arbitrary JavaScript values, using a lightweight JavaScript engine, Anime.js.

3. To-Do List

A rite of passage for most new developers learning to code is to create a to-do list. If you sighed at the thought of creating another to-do list, then you may move on to the next project. If not, then this project is perfect for you.

4. Memory Game

A fun aspect of learning JavaScript is that you can start coding games. Ever wondered how some of the simple games you grew up playing worked? Well this project is a good start. This memory game only requires basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get you started!