3 Things to Know If Becoming a Self-Taught Developer

Being a self-taught developer can be exciting and nerve-wrecking all at the same time. Where do you begin? What languages should I learn first? How long will it take to land my first job or client?

All these questions bombard every new developer. Here are some tips that may help you get started.

1. Imposter Syndrome is real

Imposter Syndrome is the constant self-doubt about whether your belong. It’s a feeling that every developer had, and continue to have, no matter how far along their learning journey is. Constantly remind yourself that every skilled developer started from knowing nothing as well, and that it is okay to make mistakes.

2. Find a mentor or someone with experience

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so much information that is readily available on the internet. One way to counter that feeling is to speak to someone with someone who is currently working as a developer. Ask them for a chat over a cup of coffee. Most often times, developers love talking about their job and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Do some research before going in and prepare some questions to show that you truly are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

3. Start thinking of passion projects

Without proper work experience to showcase, the next best thing is to fill your portfolio with interesting projects to showcase your skills and passion for potential employers and clients. On top of that, creating these projects will help you brush up on and maintain your hard-earned skills.