3 Skills Developers Need Besides Writing Code

When you think of developers, you may think that to be a good developer only requires to write good code. While that may be true, there is more to being a good developer than simply writing good code.

1. Communicating with team members

Part of being a developer requires you to work with team members. However, it is not always easy to work with other people. Most problems arise when team members do not communicate their problems or issues properly or efficiently. It is crucial to know how to express one’s ideas or concerns in order to help the entire team function smoothly.

2. Time management

This is important, not only for the rest of your team to be able to do their part, but also for your own development as a coder. If you are constantly procrastinating your work, it will cause delays in and disrupt the entire team’s work flow. This is not only unfair for your team members but also harmful for the project.

3. Knowing when to ask for help

Often times, we turn to Google for help and tend to be able to find our answers. However, we need to know when to turn to our team members or managers and ask for help. Sometimes it will be quicker to ask and be able to solve the issue than to wait until the last possible moment. We all struggle, that’s why we work in teams so we can lean on each other.